Impact on Search Share in US as a result of Firefox announcement.

This month has seen the announcement of some major partner losses for search giant Google. Whilst often the market reports the vice like grip on global search held by Google cannot be broken our data, past experiences and now the facts start to tell a different story.


Overnight the decision by Mozilla Firefox to change the default browser search engine from Google and replace it with Yahoo has already had an immense impact on search distribution in the US.


The chart shows a:
207% Increase in Search Share from Firefox 33 to 34 for Yahoo
23% Reduction in Search Share from Firefox 33 to 34 for Google
10% Reduction in Search Share from Firefox 33 to 34 for Bing


The longer term impact of the shift needs to be closely monitored as searcher “stickiness” will ultimately determine the full extent of the initial migration however this tectonic shift is the result of a single partner’s decision and the immediate impact is clear.

Earlier this year Amazon, amongst others, announced a move away from Google AdWords, expected to lead to a $1bn reduction in revenue for Amazon and the loss of a major content partner for the Mountain View based search giant.


The one to watch – Apple; for the last five years Google has been the default engine on all iOS devices and Macs. The arrangement expires in early 2015. The loss of Apple as a partner would eclipse the data above.


Siri on iOS 7 using Microsoft as the default search engine already demonstrates relationships warming between the tech giant and Microsoft. One thing is for sure there is already brewing the potential for significant market changes in the coming months.


Adrac are already working with clients in the anticipation of significant and rapid market changes. Having experienced the introduction of AdWords and seen the impact this had on Overture market share Adrac are well placed to help customers handle the uncertainty ahead.

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Adrac are now RAR recommended

Rar logo


Adrac are happy to announce we are now a recommended recognised agency under the prestigious RAR until September 2014.


RAR (Recommended Agency Register) assess many factors when awarding this industry recognised certification. RAR take into account amongst other things customer satisfaction levels, creative application of knowledge and proposed solutions, value for money and the agencies overall skills in the sector they operate in.


Before being considered for Recommended Status suppliers must have at least three high ratings submitted. During the independent review process RAR request information covering service levels, key individuals and any specific work of note. All input is confidential and comments are never attributed. The ratings for the criteria above are combined, and using a undisclosed formula RAR provides an overall score. The individual ratings act as an independent measure of agency performance.


Only companies who score above the threshold become recommended and are subsequently included in the RAR register. The results aim to provide unique insights into the experiences of clients with particular suppliers.


Here are some examples of customer testimonials from clients who Adrac have worked with over the years.


Home page example: You don’t get a second chance


As the saying goes. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, you don’t need one. Looks fab at first look. I have just sent it to the directors for comment. There are a couple of bits that won’t be relevant but he has done very well with no input from us. WELL DONE.


Adrac have increased our business 10 fold


We have used Adrac for many years and they have increased our business 10 fold. Our account manager is very precise and consistent at offering a very friendly service that I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone.


We would highly recommend Adrac to any new or established business


Having attempted to run a PPC campaign myself to limited success, I spoke with Adrac who immediately indicated easy and cost effective ways to enhance our site to generate more interest. Our cost per click has been dropping and our click to apply ratio increasing.

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Does Facebook’s PPC compete with Google?

Virtual fur flew on Business Insider this week over an article that drew attention to new research comparing Google and Facebook ad performance.


Jim Edwards’ article DATA: Google Totally Blows Away Facebook On Ad Performance reported how WordStream, a company which is “rather more dependent on Google than Facebook as a medium”, claims that Facebook PPC is less effective than Google.


PPC experts waded into the fray and hotly debated the subject, some supporting Facebook and others agreeing with WordStream’s assessment.

While Facebook targets audiences with ads using education, workplace, likes, location and demographic as its criteria, Google applies interest, keywords, remarketing, location and demographic, Edwards noted.


Larry Kim, WordStream’s founder and chief technical officer, said: “So far, Facebook’s advertising platform hasn’t kept pace with the explosive growth of its social network, and it remains to be seen if CEO Mark Zuckerberg even wants to focus on advertising as a source of revenue.”


Adrac’s commercial director Will Montague suggests that such a narrow view of Facebook’s ad programme is unhelpful.


“The point of marketing on Facebook is its viral and brand awareness potential. Facebook’s PPC is part of a wider marketing mix, one tool in an entire toolbox if you like, and has its place.


“Facebook is not a search engine, so the purpose of being there is quite different from being interactive with Google and Bing, but can be just as important as part of a marketing mix designed to foster a good return on investment.”


You can see the article and the ensuing debate, along with Will’s comment, here.


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Google underlines value of ethical SEO

White hat – or ethical – search engine optimisation experts bring value to your website: it’s official.


Google recently posted a blog post in support of the expertise that an experienced SEO company can bring to business websites. They have said it before, but it appears to Adrac that they feel the need to repeat it more often because some people aren’t taking advantage of it.


A poorly-organised, do-it-yourself website will not only turn off your readers, it may even prevent them from seeing a website in the first place because the search engine crawlers – the programs that index every page on the internet – do not see or understand it properly.

A hastily created web page that does not take advantage of key words, professional copywriting, carefully constructed navigation and healthy, supportive backlinks does not tick the quality boxes of all the major search engines.


Put another way, a website is the digital reputation of a company and if it falls short or appears invisible on the world wide web, it was a false investment, a waste of time and money, because a website can be made to do what it was made to do: gain customers, make sales, foster profit, sustain success.


Many SME owners, for example, assume that because the tools of the internet (such as website building templates and pay-per-click) are available, they can easily get acquainted with the basics. This is true, but underestimates the value of expertise and experience.


Let’s take a look at Google’s argument:

“White hat search engine optimizers often improve the usability of a site, help create great content, or make sites faster, which is good for both users and search engines. Good search engine optimization can also mean good marketing: thinking about creative ways to make a site more compelling, which can help with search engines as well as social media.

“The net result of making a great site is often greater awareness of that site on the web, which can translate into more people linking to or visiting a site.”


It’s a compelling argument for professional SEO: quality = visibility = visits = customers.

Google underlines the importance of ethical – white hat – SEO. This means avoiding the virtual cowboys and choosing a company that has been around for a while, which clearly states its commitment to ethical SEO, and which has a transparent policy about what it is doing to improve your website’s performance, backed up by regular reports i.e. proof.


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Google releases ‘Google Plus One’ button

August 17, 2011 | Category : default,Google Search Engine,Search Engine | Tags:

By Matthew Kinlin

Google has recently released a new social tool called ‘Google Plus One’.


The tab is presented as a ‘+1’ button and works in a very similar way to the Facebook ‘Like’ button. In the words of Google, the button is a way of saying: ‘you should check this out’ to other people.


By clicking the ‘+1’ button, you give your recommendation to a web page. There is an option to keep the your ‘+1’ recommendations as a private record of your web highlights, or you can have them as public and recommend pages to your friends and the rest of the internet.


However unlike Facebook, the Google ‘+1’ tab has one vital additional app: Google-enabled search.


Google has placed the ‘+1’ button in two places: on the Google search listings next to each search result and at the top of individual web pages. Content providers have been encouraged by Google to add the ‘+1’ option to their web pages.


To use the tool, the user is required to have a Google account. Once the user is logged into their account, the ‘+1’ options for search results and web pages will be made visible.


It seems likely that Google will collate feedback to sort out good content from bad. Social data will probably be used to indicate popular, useful sources of data and these will be integrated with Google search.


In other words, they rise straight to the top of Google’s search page.

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Google takes customers Places with Maps transit test

By Jackie Yeadon

Google has yet again come up with an ingenious idea: now you can track the progress of your bus as you get ready for work; at last, you will know how fast to run down the road to catch it, and if you’ll have time to finish your toast first!

Basically, Google Maps may soon be able to display information about your bus. How handy does that sound? Still, I can’t help wondering what this has to do with search. The Google model generally tries to point more things back to its search business so I’m guessing there’ll definitely, eventually, be a tie in with this particular offering.


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Google jiggles Serp layout

June 7, 2011 | Category : Google Search Engine | Tags: ,

By Ehsan Rahmatulla

Yesterday (June 6th) Google made a slight alteration to the way in which it displays search results, by moving the URL up so it sits just beneath the website title tag.

Not everyone can see this yet: Google tends to roll its changes out incrementally – for example, a colleague’s browser is still displaying the link as being right at the bottom of each listing, while I am happily viewing the new layout.

What does this all mean? It may be the search engine’s way to freshen up the page, or an experiment to see if people prefer this layout: this is the company, don’t forget, which tested dozens of different shades of blue on users to gauge which hue would encourage them to click through more than all the rest.

Other small changes include the disappearance of the Cached link and the Similar Pages options. Will we miss these? It might be a case of you need it most when it’s been thrown out!

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Schema: efficient tagging for accurate search results

June 3, 2011 | Category : Google Search Engine,Yahoo! | Tags: , , , ,

By Jackie Yeadon

Webmasters can get more help from search engines with the launch of a new collaborative initiative,

Google, Bing and Yahoo! have joined together to create Schema. In long-hand, it is a “common set of schemas for structured data markup on web pages”.

To ordinary people this means that Schema, a project led by the major search engines, will improve the information search engines process by getting webmasters to sharpen up their tagging.

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