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Adrac are happy to announce we are now a recommended recognised agency under the prestigious RAR until September 2014.


RAR (Recommended Agency Register) assess many factors when awarding this industry recognised certification. RAR take into account amongst other things customer satisfaction levels, creative application of knowledge and proposed solutions, value for money and the agencies overall skills in the sector they operate in.


Before being considered for Recommended Status suppliers must have at least three high ratings submitted. During the independent review process RAR request information covering service levels, key individuals and any specific work of note. All input is confidential and comments are never attributed. The ratings for the criteria above are combined, and using a undisclosed formula RAR provides an overall score. The individual ratings act as an independent measure of agency performance.


Only companies who score above the threshold become recommended and are subsequently included in the RAR register. The results aim to provide unique insights into the experiences of clients with particular suppliers.


Here are some examples of customer testimonials from clients who Adrac have worked with over the years.


Home page example: You don’t get a second chance


As the saying goes. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, you don’t need one. Looks fab at first look. I have just sent it to the directors for comment. There are a couple of bits that won’t be relevant but he has done very well with no input from us. WELL DONE.


Adrac have increased our business 10 fold


We have used Adrac for many years and they have increased our business 10 fold. Our account manager is very precise and consistent at offering a very friendly service that I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone.


We would highly recommend Adrac to any new or established business


Having attempted to run a PPC campaign myself to limited success, I spoke with Adrac who immediately indicated easy and cost effective ways to enhance our site to generate more interest. Our cost per click has been dropping and our click to apply ratio increasing.

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Does Facebook’s PPC compete with Google?

Virtual fur flew on Business Insider this week over an article that drew attention to new research comparing Google and Facebook ad performance.


Jim Edwards’ article DATA: Google Totally Blows Away Facebook On Ad Performance reported how WordStream, a company which is “rather more dependent on Google than Facebook as a medium”, claims that Facebook PPC is less effective than Google.


PPC experts waded into the fray and hotly debated the subject, some supporting Facebook and others agreeing with WordStream’s assessment.

While Facebook targets audiences with ads using education, workplace, likes, location and demographic as its criteria, Google applies interest, keywords, remarketing, location and demographic, Edwards noted.


Larry Kim, WordStream’s founder and chief technical officer, said: “So far, Facebook’s advertising platform hasn’t kept pace with the explosive growth of its social network, and it remains to be seen if CEO Mark Zuckerberg even wants to focus on advertising as a source of revenue.”


Adrac’s commercial director Will Montague suggests that such a narrow view of Facebook’s ad programme is unhelpful.


“The point of marketing on Facebook is its viral and brand awareness potential. Facebook’s PPC is part of a wider marketing mix, one tool in an entire toolbox if you like, and has its place.


“Facebook is not a search engine, so the purpose of being there is quite different from being interactive with Google and Bing, but can be just as important as part of a marketing mix designed to foster a good return on investment.”


You can see the article and the ensuing debate, along with Will’s comment, here.


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Taking the long-term view with SEO

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


The tools a business needs to succeed on the world wide web are openly available. These include Google’s guidelines, Google Analytics, build-your-own website provision and social media. There are numerous ‘How To’ guides which will tell SMEs how they can build a website and make it more successful, freely, and for free.


This is a little knowledge, and it is dangerous. Stand back for a moment and look at this objectively: nothing comes for free, there is always a cost. The first is time invested in learning to use these tools, becoming an armchair expert, building and maintaining a website, writing content, continually monitoring and developing, keeping abreast of competitors and industry developments.


All this is time consuming. For a technically-minded person, it might be an interesting hobby, but if you would rather be concentrating on manufacturing and selling your products and developing your core business, it could prove to be an expensive and distracting time-sink – the second cost.


The third is missed opportunity to have a great presence on the world wide web. It is a competitive marketplace and having the edge on your main competitors is essential. The edge, in this case, is professionalism and expertise. As with all sectors, SEO has its experts, time-served professionals who are qualified and experienced.


Another related cost concerns the pay-out for marketing campaigns and advertising. Less effective attempts at internet marketing tend to take a short-term, narrow view and waste money fire-fighting instead of investing with consideration and long-term-commitment.


At Adrac, we have asked so many times: “If your house needs a rewire, would you do it yourself, if you aren’t a ECA-registered electrician?”



What can a professional internet marketing agency do for you?


A healthy website optimisation programme from an expert agency will tick all these boxes:


  • Help you compete with the giants
  • Gain you a larger share of the market
  • Free you from ludicrous high-cost, low return SEO packages offered elsewhere
  • Foster business growth
  • Increase your profits


Adrac’s commercial director Will Montague explains: “Using a professional internet marketing agency is a cost-effective and targeted use of your budget on so many levels.


“It works alongside your own business plans and can be tailored to any budget. The savings and profits you make by using the experts are usually felt immediately on the balance sheet and reflected in our monthly reports.


“We are successful because we have a holistic approach to internet marketing, finely tuning all the elements so they work together to get your website to do what it’s capable of doing – making money.”


An ethical internet marketing agency will always be pleased to perform an initial assessment of your current website and explain more about how they could save you money before you commit. If you don’t feel that your internet marketing budget is working as well as it could, it’s time to get in touch.


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Social networking is ‘entertainment’ say consumers

May 31, 2011 | Category : Social Media | Tags: , , , ,

By Jackie Yeadon

Around a quarter of British and US consumers have revealed that they consider social networking sites to be all about fun.

The 2011 Edelman Value, Engagement and Trust in the Era of Social Entertainment Survey said 31% of respondents in the UK thought social sites – such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube – provided “very good” or “excellent” value. This number rose slightly in the US to 37%.

These figures provide insight into the uses of social networking sites: for a business viewing these figures, obviously it’s pertinent to point out that the survey seemed to be angled very much towards an entertainment focus rather than a purely commercial one: but don’t abandon your business tweeting just yet!

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