How seriously do you take your social media?

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Social media is proving to be an incredibly powerful, tool with staying power in online marketing strategy.


According to new research, Facebook Shares and Likes and quality backlinks are the solid foundations of successful search engine results pages. Twitter lags behind only slightly but is way ahead of other traditional serp ranking strategies like url keywords and optimised metatag text.


International search analytics company Searchmetrics identified that the driving force behind the social media effect was engagement of potential customers.


Facebook’s role in elevating serp results surrounds the dissemination of information between its users, who can Like, Share and comment upon links.



Social media: isn’t it for LOLcats and celebrities?


What are the links they are promoting? Informative news stories, viral YouTube videos, funny pictures and photos; also, sales promotions, good deals online, entertaining blog posts – crucially, whatever they find interesting, amusing or likeable.


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Social networking is ‘entertainment’ say consumers

May 31, 2011 | Category : Social Media | Tags: , , , ,

By Jackie Yeadon

Around a quarter of British and US consumers have revealed that they consider social networking sites to be all about fun.

The 2011 Edelman Value, Engagement and Trust in the Era of Social Entertainment Survey said 31% of respondents in the UK thought social sites – such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube – provided “very good” or “excellent” value. This number rose slightly in the US to 37%.

These figures provide insight into the uses of social networking sites: for a business viewing these figures, obviously it’s pertinent to point out that the survey seemed to be angled very much towards an entertainment focus rather than a purely commercial one: but don’t abandon your business tweeting just yet!

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